Wigs, Machine made verus a Handtied wig

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While a wefted wig takes about 3 hours to make, a 100% hand-tied wig takes close to 30 hours to create! In a 100% hand-tied cap, every hair is individually tied to the cap by hand offering a multi-directional knotting and unlimited styling options. Often they will also have a monofilament hand-tied top. A completely hand-tied wig works well with someone faced with either total or temporary total hair loss. Often those with NEW hair loss have painful areas on top of their head. Hand-tied hair is added by a few strands of hair CROCHETED by needle one small piece of hair at a time. Machine sewn wigs are fine for styles with heavy hair on top and no obvious interaction with the scalp. For instance, curly wigs seldom have a full hand-tied top but will sometimes have a part area that has a see-thru monofilament top. 

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