What is a Custom Hairpiece

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These photos are from : NOVA Hair Systems. These custom hairpieces are for both WOMEN as well as MEN.
If you have thin hair only on top… see our article on Top of Head hairpieces. Wigs Unlimited has both synthetic and human hair hairpieces in both long and short styles. Most of these can be purchased right off the shelf … Custom Design Hairpieces are necessary in some cases. A wait of 4 weeks or more is necessary when ordering a men or women’s”made to order” hairpiece.
Making a custom template: The area where the extra hair is needed is measured and a template using a special material similar to what we use to cover foods is used to show where the part will be, among other options. The template is cut and your name plus part and length of hair, etc is drawn on the template, which is sent to supplier to be made especially for you.
Wigsunlimited.com Facebook site has many photos of Shirley wells visit to the Philippine Islands where it shows how hairpieces are made from start to finish.
The cost is figured by the quality of human hair used. Most custom orders are chosen with human hair , but the shorter styles work well with synthetic hair especially if curly hair is requested. Human Hair custom pieces require more care and attention, but many feel they look and feel more like your growing hair. Others swear by a synthetic hair replacement from New Man Hair that can be ordered custom or bought right off the shelf.
Human Hair hairpieces work best for those attending a hairdresser and having their hair dyed on a regular basis. Human hair can be dyed as your hair color changes while the synthetic fiber cannot be dyed successfully. Actually, many clients prefer the synthetic fiber because they are more care free and don’t need as much regular attention.
Men, especially, need to choose their barber/hairdresser carefully as they need to take your hairpiece into consideration when they cut your hair. Suffer the poor man that went to a barber or beauty shop with his hairpiece on and ended up with a very short haircut to the hairpiece as well as his own hair.
Attachment of Hairpieces: This is decided when the custom order is filled out. There are many ways of securing the hairpiece to the thin or balding area. The most popular are glue for long term attachment or special clips that clip into your own growing hair.

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