Raquel Welch
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Sheer Indulgence – Monofilament Wig Styles
The comfort and versatility is hard to believe, but so easy to achieve with Sheer Indulgence. With a wide variety of looks to satisfy any woman’s fashion needs. All wig styles in Raquel Welch’s Sheer Indulgence collection offers some form of monofilament construction. There are some with a part, others with a crown but most have a full mono top. The advantage to a full mono top is that you can part in the middle, or either side.

Memory Cap Wigs
The Memory Cap has a more resilient stretch material that actually molds to the shape of the head for a lighter, more secure fit. Like your favorite jeans, this innovative technology is thinner, lighter,and completely secure. Wear this wig for an hour and the patented Memory Cap shapes to your head for a custom fit and comfort unlike any other wig. Why wear any other wig? All Raquel Welch wigs, except those that are 100% hand-tied are made with Memory Cap construction.

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