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Human Hair Wigs are not the hot, bulky wigs of the sixties. The “NEW” human hair wigs in the Raquel Welch™ collection feature Sheer-Lines monofilament front. You’ll marvel at how much lighter they are than other human hair wigs. And, everything you can do to real, natural hair, you can do to these Raquel Welch™ natural hair wigs. You can curl them, perm them, part them, twist them, braid them and transform yourself to your heart’s content. You can use tools that use heat like curling irons, straightening irons, and blow dryers. You can even color, add highlights, add low lights—anything.

Amore’s human hair wigs are luxurious, lifelike-virtually alive with the unmistakable texture and luster of real human hair. Both Raquel Welch™ and AMORE wigs are the better quality wigs you’ve been asking for.

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