Toppers are made for the top-of-the-head and also know as “Top Extension”.

Topper Extensions. This type of hair addition or hairpiece is known as a “Topper”. Made for the top-of-the-head, the length extends over your own sides and back ¬†adding volume and highlights.

A nice collection of different manufacturer’s with some mono-filament tops and some all machine made. An all machine made does not part or style as easily as one with a mono top. The Monofilament top has a see through base that makes the hair look like it’s coming from your scalp. The mono top also allows for parting in any direction and easier styling.

Jon Renau Collection – Hair toppers instantly transform your look by adding volume and body to fine, thin hair. Our clip in hair toppers offer today’s women unique solutions at each stage of hair loss. The best alternative to a full wig!

Topper Extensions