Ombre, White, and Long-Root Wigs, Oh My!

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Want to experiment with some of today’s trendiest looks? Rocking ombre, white, or long-root looks has become the gold standard in hair styling these days, and with good reason! These looks make a statement, show versatility, and provide a break from the ordinary!

Here at Well’s Wigs, we offer a stunning array of wigs, featuring some of today’s most exciting color combinations. One of the best things about wigs is that you can change your look in an instant. Gone are the days when playing with an experimental new color bound you to that choice for months at a time. The following are examples of wigs we offer and situations in which you may choose to wear them.


Hello, sophistication! Fresh ombre looks are more natural than ever, with ends only two tones lighter than the roots. Brunettes dazzle in what are called “sombre” looks, or styles with subtle changes of color, such as honey blended into dark brown roots. Blondes or anyone with a cool skin tone, on the other hand, stun in natural beiges that fade to silvery or icy blonde hues.

Another ombre trend is to blend colors not normally occurring in nature in a graduated pattern. Cool sea blue at the roots melts into blushing rose at the tips, for a gorgeous, mermaid-like appearance that can truly lift your mood.

When to rock it: Ombre is a great any-time color choice, equally perfect for the office or the runway, depending on the level of color contrast. Go for more subtle styles for day, drastic color variations for evening/ performance.

White and/or Silver

Channeling your wise older lady or Daenerys from Game of Thrones? You’ll need a shock of silver, white, or milk-blonde hair to nail this look. Flattering on all skin types, these shades shock the system and compliment a wide array of clothing choices, from classic blue denim to cherry-red cocktail dresses.

When to rock it: Any time! There’s nothing like showing up at an event with dazzle-worthy hair, but daytime silver is becoming a popular norm for many. Follow your hair-bliss!

Long Roots

Growing out your dye job used to be an awkward hair phase, but has become an accepted and even welcome fashion choice. Enjoyed by everyone from Madonna to Beyonce, the low-maintenance, long-rooted look has now found its way into the wig world and shows no signs of slowing down.

When to rock it: Any time. This look is surprisingly versatile and can make as little or as much of a statement as you choose. More drastic roots can be used to supplement edgy, punk looks, perfect for performers or individuals wanting to try something different.

As always, we warmly invite you to come by the shop! Trying on wigs is an exciting pastime in and of itself, allowing you to experiment with style. We’ve got a rainbow array of colors and an impressive style repertoire, so don’t hesitate to stop by!

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