How to Measure Your Head Size for Wigs

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how to measure your head size for a wigHeads come in all different sizes. Most are within an average size, but some go outside the norm. That makes hats hard enough to shop for, let alone wigs. And of course a wig is something you’ll be wearing almost every day, so you’ll want it to look natural and feel comfortable. But first, you need to know how to measure your head for wigs. 

The key to a good fit is forming an accurate head measurement, which can be difficult too. Many opt to come into the store and have us do it. Others prefer to do it at home, which also works. So, here’s how to do this properly, so that once you’re ready to buy your wig, you’ll be all ready for a snug fit. Two quick tips: keep the tape tight so you get an accurate measurement, and remember to record your measurements in inches.

Step 1: Measure your head circumference

Get a measuring tape and hold it at the center of the front of your hairline. Follow your hairline circumference to the base of the hairline at the nape, then continue around the head and back up to the starting point in front.

how to measure your head size for wigs

When you see the tape outstretched, you may be surprised by the length. Don’t worry, most of us are not far from it!

Step 2: Measure ear to ear

First, you’ll need to establish a “top of head” point. To do this, measure 7” back from the front hairline. Then, hold your measuring tape at the hairline near the top of the ear – it’s about a half inch above where eyeglasses rest. After that, measure across the top of head point and continue down to the hairline at the top of the opposite ear.

Step 3: Measure front to back

Hold the measuring tape at the center of the front hairline, then follow a straight line down the middle of the head. You’ll end at the hairline at the nape of the neck to get an accurate measurement.

Now, the average wig size will fit most people. Some come with adjustable straps that give as much as ½”  for extra comfort. Wigs are also made in petite and large sizes. This sizing chart has some basic guidelines for how to measure your head size:

Head Circumference Guide

Petite:  21”

Average: 21.5” to 22”

Large: 22.25” to 23”

After measuring your head size accurately comes the fun part – shopping for your new wig! There are so many different styles to choose from. You can find a wig that fits your personality and general style, or even choose to boldly reinvent yourself with something completely new.

Whether it’s a natural hair wig, synthetic fashion wig, or something else that suits your style, your wig will soon become an expression of who you are. Don’t worry about getting it right the first time, that’s the beauty of a wig … you can always try on a new one!

You may already have something in mind. Some people check out our catalogue and go with something they never even thought of before. Browse through our selection to find your perfect fit.

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