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Men seem to be attracted to a woman with long, straight hair. If its blond that seems to be an added important factor.Other men will mention the excitement of a woman with black or dark brown hair. Everyone does not look that good in long, straight hair.
Long hair looks best on oval or square faces. If your face is long or narrow the long hair will call attention to the length of your narrow face. Sometimes, a layered look with movement or a slight curl will work miracles if the layers fall in the right areas to pull out the facial shape and disguising the length.
Also popular with a guy is the ever popular Bob cut. It will not work well if your own hair is thin or very curly hair.Wigs are a very popular choice for those wanting a Bob style. They come in many styles and lengths. If you have a round face opt for a side swept bang because the blunt cut of straight bangs will not be flattering to a round face.
If you have a narrow chin area, allowing the fullness to curl or extend out a little in that area will attract the eye and really give you a balanced look.
Bobs made for the wig industry are designed to flatter most facial shapes. Some are very short falling right below the ear while some can reach to just below the shoulder. In retrospect a bob is just a long hair style that has been bobbed.

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