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We are not showing a full lace wig but they can be custom ordered. Our store has many wigs that are in the category of the really popular “Lace FRONT WIGS” A. is a photo of Raquel Welch’s Sheer scalp front with lace. B. is a photo of Sheer 1 to 1 and a half inch lace FRONT. C. is a photo of a lace front wig. We do not have full lace wig in stock but they can be custom ordered. The well-crafted full lace wig is a signature for any glamorous movie star or TV personality. Celebrities and models across the globe are no stranger to the advantages of full lace wigs–beautiful, seamless, and undetectable. These wigs are comfortable to wear and the mesh allows your hair to breathe. This wig type is easy to style in a number of ways, all while maintaining a natural look. With proper maintenance and care, a full lace wig can last you 2-3 years with minor repairs. Full lace wigs are for the entertainers. They are very expensive and need extra care. Wells Wigs Unlimited have many styles with lace FRONTS from various manufacturers. We have some long styles that are in our BUDGET area in the front of the store. Most are under $69. These wigs are bought by young people who wear them all the time. They almost all have us cut the lace front off. They have realized that it is not easy to glue this cheaper type of lace to their forehead. IT HAS CAUSED SEVERE SKIN DAMAGE TO THOSE WHO TRIED TO GLUE IT DOWN. SOME SAY THEY USED GORILLA GLUE! It is NOT NECESSARY TO GLUE the lace down on Raquel Welch’s wig photos as shown above. They have a smaller amount of lace in front and the lace is a softer quality and does not require glue. SEE CLOSEUP OF RAQUEL’S SPOTLIGHT ELITE WITH A LACE FRONT. Years ago an actor’s lace hairpieces that fit the sides of his receding crown was torn up so bad that it they were in need of extensive repair. The people doing clean up or “something” the night before played around with them and pulled out much of the hand tied hair that made the lace pieces look so real. With a phone call where they found out Wells Wigs Unlimited had the ability to repair these pieces by “crocheting” new hair into the pieces…they were delivered with a highway patrol escort from eastern Oregon to our store. An employee did the repair work while the movie people watched. The name for this process is “ventilating”. They looked good on Chuck when they were returned to the set. They hired my employee and put her in the movie biz.This was not the first time that happened. Through the years many of our employees got into the theater,movie or opera forum. Some still visit the store for the hair they need for the project they are working on.

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