Integration Hairpieces for Thin Hair on Top?

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No need to work so hard to comb and cover that thin area on top. Many women have Men’s Male Baldness on top.
Shown is a style called “Casquette”. It is synthetic hair and is around $50. A little smaller size is “Florette” which sells for about $49. These are called Pull-thru base but there are other solid base wiglets in synthetic for about the same price. They are available in Human Hair at around $137. Much more available on our website.
No, it is not necessary to pull your hair thru. Human Hair can be dyed if you have an unusual shade of hair.
A large selection of various size and length of hairpieces are available. These pull-thru bases are called Integration Hair. Pull thru a little or a lot of your own hair and it mixes with the hairpiece. Your hair is pulled threw the cap with something like a crochet hook. The color of the piece does not necessarily have to match your hair color perfectly. The mix sometimes makes a nice frosted look. These come in full head pieces, as well.
We have both synthetic and human hair pieces in both long and short styles.
Most of these can be purchased right off the shelf but Custom Design Hairpieces are necessary in some cases… such as an unusual thinning or balding area or hard to match hair color. Pull thru integration pieces also come in full wigs.
There is very little available right off the shelf so the full head pieces are pretty much a custom order. You make an appointment with one of our hairdressers and the design will have larger holes where you have plenty of your own hair and smaller holes are in the design for where your hair is thinner. Cost is figured by the type and length of the hair and other elements that may be added to your custom design. Allow 4 to 8 weeks for delivery from the factory.

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