Human Hair Care 101

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Wigs made of human hair can last a long time, but they need to be taken care of well. They are a long term investment that if maintained well, can become part of your natural beauty regimen. Here are some helpful tips on how to care for your human hair wig.
Use the right kind of hair products.
Cleaning the hair on your wig is very important and using the right kind of shampoo and conditioner is important. You don’t need to use the top of the line hair products, but using the very low end isn’t a good idea either. Each manufacturer recommends their own products such as shampoo and conditioner that are known for their moisturizing power and are safe for human hair wigs. Wells Wigs carries the products we use on the hair since we do restyling in the store. Wigs Unlimited has a beauty/barber shop where we cater to those who wear wigs and hairpieces. We also have an area where we restyle your wigs for pick up when they are finished. Many clients have two pieces and have one to wear and one to leave to be styled.
The key to keeping the wig looking great is keeping it moisturized so it doesn’t get dull and frizzy. The manufacturers have their own suggestions for what their product needs for this purpose. Also, be sure that you wash and style the hair with plenty of time to let it dry and set up. Human hair wigs take quite a bit longer to dry and style than synthetic wigs, and you don’t want to be left in a situation where you can’t wear the wig that you need.
Don’t try to color it.
When you first buy your wig, get the right color. Don’t get a shade darker, as the colors on human hair wigs tend to be a little bit darker than other synthetic wigs on the market. In addition, don’t buy it lighter thinking that you can dye it. Most human hair wigs are not able to be dyed because of the heavy processing that goes into making them. Not to mention, even if you were to dye it a new color, it would likely fade quickly and wreck the intended look of the wig. The older human hair was able to be dyed but the new human hair uses a process that many of them don’t desire you to try to highlight or change the color of their products. They come in MANY shades and often if one company doesn’t have your desired shade we can try another manufacturer who’
Use the proper tools.
Perming or relaxing your human hair wig isn’t a great idea, because using further chemicals on it could completely ruin the wig. If you want to style it, you can use ceramic-plated heat tools for curling or straightening.
When you’re shopping for a human hair wig, be sure to read the manufacturer’s directions about what it takes to care for it well, and remember, that if the price seems too good to be true, it likely is, and may be of poor quality. No matter what type of wig fits you and your style, Wigs Unlimited has what you’re looking for. And no matter what option you decide on, your wig can look natural and be a wonderful expression of who you are.

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Human Hair Care 101Human Hair Care 101