How to Make Your Wig Look Natural

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Your wig can look natural Ð all you need is a wig that matches your skin tone, eye color, and face shape, as well as the right style. If you’re looking for ways to coordinate your wig with your special-occasion or everyday style, our team at Wigs Unlimited is here to help. Consider the following tips:
Tip #1: Pick the right wig.
When you’re looking for a wig, look at the entire wig Ð the front, back, and both sides. You’ll know right away if the wig will work for your sense of style or not. Pay attention to the hairline and if it will match up with your own hairline. You want a wig that will look seamless, natural, and blend in with your face shape and hairline as much as possible.
Tip #2: Know what color works well.
The right shade of hair makes all the difference with your wig. If you have a natural hair wig, the right stylist can color it if needed. As a general rule of thumb, lightening the wig is a bit trickier than darkening it. To make it more natural, a stylist can deepen the roots with a darker shade of color to make it look a bit more lived-in. Wigs Unlimited also offers a vast variety of colors and cuts for you to choose from – no dye job needed.
Tip #3: Know what style works best for you.
Do you want a pixie cut, long curls, or something else? Think about how you’ve worn your hair most of your life and pick a style that fits your personality. If you’re tired of the style that you’ve always had, maybe your wig should make more of a bold statement. However, whatever you decide should look as believable and natural as possible if you’re going for a seamless, believable look to suit your everyday outings.
Tip #4: Use quality haircare products.
Investing in the right type of hair products for your wig is essential to maintaining its quality. For human hair wigs, use sulfate-free products or products that have been formulated for color-treated hair. This will make the color last longer and keep its natural, vibrant appearance.
Tip #5: Be confident in your style.
Once you’ve picked your wig and your style is set, having the right attitude will help you look and feel natural in it. If you’re continually touching or fidgeting with it, you may concerned about how it looks or self-conscious about it. Own the style, be confident, and stand tall. This is your style and you can pull it off beautifully!
Whether it’s natural hair, synthetic fashion wigs, or another style of wig, Wigs Unlimited has what you’re looking for. And no matter what style you decide on, try to have fun with your wig and let it be an expression of who you are.
Come visit the experts at Wigs Unlimited to let us customize your look!

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