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Ever watch “Housewives of Atlanta”? They do some impressive hair changes on there. The photos and wigs shown are models and wigs from Incognito and West Bay.
Sometimes its just the addition of “clip in Hair extensions” but often its the change of hair color and length 3 or 4 times in one show. Wigs of the type worn on that show are very reasonable…you can own a whole wardrobe of them for the price a serious wig wearer pays for one human hair mono part top with maybe a lace front usually selling for as much as $800 to $1100. Styles shown are similar to of the hair on the Atlanta Housewives show and start at prices as low as $30-$70.
I don’t know all the names of the housewives but the one that is a model, “Cynthia”, and the singer, “Kandi”, seems to always be wearing wigs. Might have to add “Nene” but hers are usually blond and she probably wears better or custom designed wigs with off the face lace fronts.”Kenya” seems to like fun hair wigs like the very large afro wig she wore recently. “Kandi” has some beautiful fun style wigs and she loves bright colors such as fire red or maybe a dark brown longer wig with another bright color on the bottom. “Cynthia” seems to wear many different styles of wigs. Bravo’s, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, change wigs often during one show. If you like some of the type of wigs shown on that show… they are available for very reasonable prices. They are fun hair made in many multiple colors as well as regular colors…some are long hair with lace fronts for as little as $59. The theater, Opera and movies purchase many of these wigs. Wells Wigs Unlimited call these styles Budget Wigs. They are in a special area in the store and people age 3 to 60 have lots of fun trying them on. They all seem to attach clip-in extensions once in awhile. Extensions add both length and fullness. I love all their wigs and watch the program once in awhile to see all the different wig styles they show up in.

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