Headline It! Control Sweat and Odor in Wigs and Caps

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Headline It! Control Sweat and Odor in Wigs and Caps

HEADLINE IT! is a thin, disposable liner made from high tech wick wear, designed to fit into any wig or headwear item helping to increase HYGIENE, COMFORT & A SECURE FIT.
Layer 1 absorbs perspiration and wicks it into the liner, stopping it from running into your eyes. (Headline It has been tested and approved for sensitive skin.)
Layer 2 is even more absorbent, pulling the perspiration and impurities into the next layer.
Layer 3 filters out oil, salt and odors while the perspiration evaporates leaving impurities in the liner, NOT in your WIG or other HEADWEAR item.

The product helps controls SWEAT, STAINS and ODOR, SUMMER and WINTER USE! Evaporates sweat on a continual basis, keeping the head COOLER in the SUMMER and WARMER in the Winter. Stops sweat running into your eyes. Great for wigs, baseball caps, hard hats, helmets and more! Headline It! Control Sweat and Odor in wigs and caps. Viscose/Polyester/SMS materials. US MILITARY tested and approved for safety, cooling, warming, hygiene, comfort and increased production and performance levels.

Headline It!® No Sweat liners won Best Health and Wellness Product Award, Most Unique Product, and have been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX news and other outlets.

The liner has two colors and each side has its own purpose.

The nude color layer, is great for camouflaging the liner under wigs or other see through items. The blue side is visible from the underside of the wig, cap or hat when off the head.
Average use of one liner is ONE WEEK. Disposable. One size fits all. 10 individually wrapped liners in box.

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