Head Sizes for Wigs

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Suggested sizes for most Manfacturers.
Head Sizes/Circumferences:

  • C – Child, Around Head 20″, Front to Back 12″, Ear to Ear 12″.
  • P – Petite, Around Head 21″, Front to Back 13 1/4″, Ear to Ear 13″.
  • PA – Petite Average, Around Head 21 1/4″, Front to Back 13 3/4″Ear to Ear 13 1/4″.
  • A – Average, Around Head 21 1/2″, Front to Back 14 1/4″, Ear to Ear 13 1/2″.
  • AL – Average Large, Around Head 22 1/4″, Front to Back 14 3/4″, Ear to Ear 13 3/4″.
  • L – Large, Around Head 23″, Front to Back 15 1/2″, Ear to Ear 14″.

Most wigs come in average sizes followed by a good section of Petite size wigs. Larger head sizes are harder to find as there is less demand for them. Child size wigs sometimes work for ultra petite head sizes. Tony of Beverly Wigs make a few great styles for Ultra Petite head sizes. Our shop does custom sizing for those who want styles that don’t come in their head size. We cut and sew them to fit. …that’s called sizing. NOTICE: LOOK for the sizes individual wigs come in by checking their listings under Head Sizes. Example: Incentive comes in Petite and Average while Renew is made in Average only. Under some manufacturers there is no listing which means, it is made in Average only.

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