Four Fun Reasons to Wear a Wig

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So, you may not need to wear a wig every single day, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t try wigs for many other fun reasons. Experimenting with your personal look, specifically with your hairstyle, is one of the most liberating and exciting ways to change up how you feel about your appearance.
If you have been considering changing your hairstyle, whether it is your color, your cut, going with bangs, or going asymmetrical, it’s not always easy to “test” these changes out. However, you can “test” out how different colors and styles look on you by trying on different wigs. If you find a look that you like, but only want to wear it at certain times, or for special occasions, that is when you should purchase a wig. It’s not just about committing to one hairstyle and one look, it’s about having options, and being able to change things up when you feel like it. Here are four fun reasons to experiment with wearing wigs:
Experiment with Color!
Completely changing the color of your hair can be an intimidating prospect. You never really know exactly what the colorist is going to do, and you are never quite sure how it is going to turn out. However, when you walk into Wigs Unlimited and meet our amazing, friendly staff, you will realize you are in the right place to try on whatever your heart desires. Would you like to go deep auburn from a warm blonde? Would you like to try a much darker shade? Maybe you want to see if it really is all that different being a blonde? NOTE: If you’re trying to see what color your stylist needs to use on your hair…be honest and we will help you out by allowing you to try three different colors you pick out.
Our experts can help identify which shade flatters your skin tone and compliments your complexion. Ultimately, you are the guide, and Wigs Unlimited is here to help you find the style and the look that you want. If you see something you like, you can get the wig, and change your hair color with certainty. This way you know exactly the color you are getting, and maybe only wear it for special events or an exotic trip! Or, if you love it, wear it as regularly as you want!
2. Try Different Lengths!
Committing to a shorter hair length is a difficult decision. Once your long tresses are gone, they are gone for good (or as long as it takes to grow them back). If you want to go shorter, or even if you want to go longer and can’t wait for your hair to grow out, experimenting with wigs is a great option. Maybe you already did get your hair cut shorter, regret it, and now don’t want to wait forever for it to grow back! Wigs are a less permanent solution to changing lengths, and much easier to commit to than an official shear-session.
Wigs Unlimited has styles ranging from short pixie cuts to halfway down your back in length. We understand how important your hairstyle is and how a change in length can affect everything. Having long hair can make you feel more attractive and flirtatious, while a short bob can make you feel sexy and chic! It’s all about your personal preference, style, and attitude! Sometimes we just are in a mood for or in need of a change! Experiment. Be bold. Change your hairstyle, and you will be delighted at the results!
3. Try Bangs!
Cutting bangs is a huge decision and commitment. It can even be more intimidating than just getting a regular all-around shorter hair cut. Bangs are also extremely high-maintenance, as they have to be cut so precisely, styled, and trimmed regularly to keep them looking fresh. What if you could just add bangs when you felt like it, without going to your hair stylist? That’s why you should try a wig.
Let the experts at Wigs Unlimited help you find the perfect bang style for your face shape and desire. There are so many types of bangs, and a wig for each style that you can imagine. Try bangs today, have them gone tomorrow. Wear your bangs when you feel like it, on your special weekends out, or when you just wake up and want bangs. Bangs can be such a hassle and such a commitment, let a wig take all the intimidation out of it. Choose your style, your length, and your bangs just the way you want to wear them, when you want to wear them.
4. Just for Fun!
With extensions and hairpieces becoming more common than not on celebrities, regular people wearing full-on wigs for style, simplicity, and fun seems like the next logical step! People wear fake tattoos, experiment with extreme makeup, and your hair should be no different! You should be able to experiment with your hair just like you would any other aspect of your appearance! The other thing to remember is the fastest way to change your entire look with the least amount of effort is probably with your hairstyle. What better way to change your hairstyle without a lot of effort or commitment than by visiting the experts at Wigs Unlimited?
Try a wig for your girls’ weekend out, or one for that concert you can’t wait to go to. Wigs are excellent at changing how you feel about yourself, and you won’t even know you are wearing one! The specialists at Wells Wigs will guide and train you to style and place your wig so nobody knows that you are actually wearing one, including you! Have fun. Change your look. Change how you feel. Try a wig!
If you’ve ever wanted to really drastically change your appearance but don’t want to cut all your hair off, cut bangs, risk a bad color job, or don’t want to wait for your hair to grow out, look no further. Realize that wigs are a fun and simple way to effortlessly and radically change your entire look! Come visit Wigs Unlimited today and let the friendly, helpful, experienced staff find just what you desire to change your look up and feel great!

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