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Donation Wigs. Wells wigs send these refurbished wigs to Cancer Centers and Hospitals throughout the United States so they can donate them to their local women who are losing their hair due to treatments.
Our stylists clean and style each re-conditioned wig so that they are ready for anyone who can use them. We also include a care sheet and wig brush so that they will know how to maintain the wig.
These wigs have been donated to Wells Wigs Unlimited, Inc. and we ship them throughout the United States knowing there are cancer patients who can use them. Often there is not a wig store within a hundred miles or so.
Coping with hair loss is just one of many aspects of cancer treatment that patients must deal with. We know cancer patients already have the financial burden and emotional stress at this time. It is for this reason that we offer these donation wigs for cancer patients. We send anywhere from 6 to a dozen wigs to each location, often 2 or 3 times a year depending on what we have available.
Sometimes a website buyer will send a box full in various need of cleaning and refurbishing. Local people just come in the door with a sack or box of wigs and ask if they can be of use to someone.

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