Clip-in Bang

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Clip-In Bang by HairUWear, Hair Do Collection.
Hair Type: Tru2Lifte¨ 100% polyester, heat-friendly synthetic fiber.
Approx. Hair Length: 5″ center and 9 1/2″ sides.
Attachment: Secure Snap Lock Comb Clip— the metal clips are made of manganese steel, the covered paint is non-toxic, the rubber coating on the inside the clip to keep it from breaking the hair.
This bang is secured with snap lock comb clips. Bobby pins may work if your hair is too thin on top to use the clips. This little hairpiece works for most women not having enough hair for full looking bangs. Sorry it does not come in gray shades.
Description: Looks and feels like real hair! This 5″ blunt cut bang with 9 1/2″ face framing sides gives any woman bangs without the commitment of cutting her hair! Tru2Life¨ Styling Tips: Heat-friendly synthetic hair, blow dry, curl or straighten. (1) Do not curl or straighten while wearing the piece. (2) Blow dryers, curling irons, electric or steam hot rollers and other thermal tools may be used on low settings up to 180¡C or 350¡F. The fiber will get too hot and may scorch if the setting is too high. (3) Ideal recommended temperature for curling or straightening the fiber is 116¡C or 240¡F. IMPORTANT: When straightening the heat-friendly synthetic hair with a flat iron, take a one inch section of hair and, starting at the roots, run the flat iron over the hair to the ends. Continue this procedure until all the hair is straightened to your liking. (4) When curling the heat-friendly synthetic hair with a curling iron, wrap the hair around the iron, hold for 10 seconds, carefully slide the curled fiber off the iron and, while holding the warm curl in place, leave it till the fiber cools, and the curl sets. Once the fiber is cool, remove the hair clips and style as desire.

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