Budget Priced Wigs Under Sixty Dollars

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Budget priced wigs under $60. Wigs for costume, theater, stage and school plays or any clients looking for a lower price quality wig. Unlike Halloween fiber wigs you can brush through the synthetic fiber of these wigs and shampoo and restyle repeatedly either for film and stage or those seeking a lower price wig that will restyle. Budget Priced Wigs Under Sixty Dollars
There are many people who call these “throw away wigs” and buy many of the same wig and color and just discard them or give sacks of them back to us to send to Cancer Centers all over the US. We wash and restyle any wigs returned for that purpose and send them to cancer HELP centers all over. They arrive clean and ready to wear for distribution to those who need them.
A wide range of colors and textures are made for the African American wig wearer. Some styles come in limited colors and textures for the African American wig wearers. Others have a combination of colors for all preferred shades ranging from the black to light blonde.
1st photo: Vogue, lace front & heat friendly wig, Sepia collection by West Bay.
2nd photo: Jumbo Afro, picks out 4 – 6 inches, Mona Lisa collection by Wig America.
3rd photo: Kapuki, Cleopatra style, The Natural collection by Wig America.

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