Do Blondes Really Have More Fun? You Can Find Out!

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A wonderful benefit to wearing a wig is the freedom to choose how you look. Hair color has a huge impact on how you perceive yourself, as well as how others perceive you. The psychology behind hair color is really fascinating, too – there are tons of statistics and studies that reveal the different ways people are treated, just by their change in color.Blond wig - find out if blonds have more fun

It’s so much fun to experiment with different colors. Why not don a blonde wig for the weekend, and see how much fun they supposedly have? Or go ‘red’ for dinner? After all, it’s up to you!

While you’re considering different colors, we’ve laid out some popular options, as well as some research about the general perception associated with each color. Remember, it’s just based off broad surveys, but some of them are quite telling!

Platinum blonde wig

Did you know only 2% of the world’s population is blonde? Now, imagine that statistic for platinum blonde…this makes it stand out even more! A platinum blonde wig in a fun, short hairstyle can be alluring and really make your personality dazzle. Just be ready for the extra attention!

Golden blonde wig24B-27C - Golden Blonde Blended with Ginger Blonde

Blonde is associated with beauty, possibly due to how rare it is, as well as the simple girl-next-door look. In a study, it was revealed that blondes (wig or not) are treated differently – they got approached more often by men, got better tips as waitresses, and received more attention in general (this was true for women, not for men) This is maybe why blondes are considered to have more ‘fun’. Because the color is attractive, golden blond wigs can be great for people that have bright, outgoing personalities.

Ombre wig

This style has increased in popularity over the last several years. You’ve probably seen it on many celebrities as they walk the red carpet. Those dark roots melt into light colors and give you a simple and elegant look. Ombre is perfect for those with a modest but carefree personality, and want something versatile for all types of outfits and occasions.

Brunette wig8 - MEDIUM BROWN - Brown wig

Brunette doesn’t carry the “fun” stereotype that blonde does, but studies have shown that brunettes are perceived as smart, levelheaded and good judges of character. Not too bad, huh? If this sounds like something you want to try out, there are a variety of brunette wigs out there that can make a statement. You can find types of short, long, or medium length-style wigs with nuanced tones and highlights.

Brown/black wig

The darker you get, the more mysterious your look is. In general, midnight tones are harder to pull off. But, if you have dark eyes, a dark colored wig could really make a bold statement!

Copper red wig130/28 -PUMPKIN SPICE - Copper Red blended with Golden Red

Want to test out what it’s like to be a fiery redhead? Redheads are known to express themselves with passion. They are seen as strong-willed and determined. So if you’re looking for some fireworks in your life, a copper red wig can bring just that. This type of red looks best if you have a lighter skin tone and light colored eyes.

Experiment with wig colors and styles

Remember, the beauty in wigs is that it’s non-committal. They’re great even if you want to try on a new color before going with a full dye, or just want to slip on something new for the night.  

Ready to experiment? Shop through our selection to pick your new look!

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