SYNTHETIC HAIR CARE by Jon Renau Recommend for Jon Renau’s Synthetic Hair Care of Wigs, Hairpieces, Toppers, and Extensions. WE RECOMMEND WASHING YOUR ALTERNATIVE HAIR EVERY 6-8 WEARS   [...]

Best Movie Wigs in Hollywood History

People always talk about the bad wigs in Hollywood – we want to focus on the positive. After all, it’s such a pain-staking process to produce a wig, especially for film or TV, so we want to [...]

How to Put on a Wig the Right Way

Congratulations on purchasing your first wig! Maybe you decided on long silky black hair that shines in sunlight, or instead picked spunky short hair with a bit of a curl. Perhaps you chose wavy [...]

Making a Wig: How are Wigs Made?

Everyone seems to want to know where the things they use come from. We totally understand that! So, we wanted to explain a bit about how wigs are made. After all, this is the thing that some of [...]

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