Best Wigs for Your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and Beyond

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Your wig is a statement of who you are and it can be a beautiful part of your overall style. No matter how old you are, there are great wigs that will showcase your unique look and personality.
Wigs for your 20s and 30s:
You’re young and vivacious, so wear a wig that goes along with this fun, active time in your life. Funky bobs are perfect for women in their twenties, especially if you go with a bold, bright color. Or consider adding a streak of color that complements your skin tone. This is a fun, flirtatious touch and a unique way to express your creativity. If you prefer the look of a medium length wig, a graduated bob that barely touches the shoulders is a great style that works well for both age groups. When you enter your 30’s, cropped and parted pixies are a great look. They’re playful, but they also show that your look has turned into a bit more sophistication. If long hair is your thing, wavy, textured wigs that are parted down the middle can help give you the length and simplicity you desire.
Wigs for your 40s and 50s:
When you’ve entered your 40s and 50s, you likely want a hairstyle that’s quick and easy to maintain. Short wigs are a great, low maintenance way to look stylish all day, every day Ð a real necessity for women that are always on the go. Look for wigs that are tapered to the sides and back. For medium length wigs, look for wigs that are wavy and have a bit of a shaggy, playful look to them. For long hair, look for wigs that have the right amount of texture that can hold up to wearing it down in long waves or curls.
So, now it’s time to shop! Decide which style you like and which one will work best for you. If you’re tired of the same old look, now is the time to make a bold statement! Once you’ve decided on what wig length you want to have, be confident in your new style. Having the right attitude and confidence when you wear your wig will help you look and feel natural in it. Whether it’s natural hair, synthetic fashion wigs, or a different type of wig, Wigs Unlimited has exactly what you’re looking for. Browse our outstanding selection of wigs and get ready to embrace the new you!

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