6 Costumes to Rock a Wig With This Halloween

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Getting desperate for a wicked Halloween costume idea this year? Right off the top of our heads (sigh), we suggest a wig! With the right hair and a few accessories, you’re good to go.
With the proper wig, you can create a stunning Halloween costume quickly and easily. The wig draws the eye and gives a focus to your costume. Whether you are trick or treating with the kids or partying with friends, these six looks will cast a spell on everyone you meet.
1. The Bombshell The Marilyn Monroe look is always in style. All you need is a peroxide blonde wig, fairly short, and a bit curly around the face. Add bright red lipstick and remember to pout all Halloween evening. Locate 50’s toreador pants, or any slim-fit crop pants, and a tight sweater. If necessary, a little padding can add oomph! Or how about the white dress, the one she wore over the subway grating. You could also carry around a portable fan to help the skirt billow out, but that’s optional.
2. The Great Impersonator Speaking of pouts, it works for guys too. The Elvis look is never out of date. Just check out Las Vegas! An Elvis wig is basically a black pompadour–high and poofy on top, slicked back on the sides. To carry it off, you need the pout. Stick out your lower lip a bit and grimace. You can add a red, bell-bottom jumpsuit with a wide belt and a cape. Or dress it down with blue jeans, rolled up at the ankles, a button-up shirt, and a 50’s leather jacket.
3. The Queen How about Cleopatra, channeled by Elizabeth Taylor? All you need is a straight black wig with short bangs, and small, tight braids on the sides. Wrap anything gold colored to the ends of the braids, and presto, you’re Queen of the Nile! Finish the look with a form-fitting dress, or tight shirt and pants, in black or dark colors. Be sure to layer on the eye makeup with lots and lots of eyeliner.
4. The Hatter Do you love the Johnny Depp version of the Mad Hatter? Try it out for Halloween. This look works well for both sexes. The Mad Hatter look is truly unisex. All you need is a short straight orange wig and a dark derby hat. Add on a wide ribbon in any color to jazz up the hat. Dig out some old gloves you don’t need and cut off the fingers. Brownie points if the gloves are striped. Tie a big scarf around your neck. For a nifty final touch, string spools of thread in a range of colors onto a piece of twine. Then wrap it diagonally from shoulder to hip. 5. The Cookie Monster Remember Cookie Monster? Everyone loves him/her. A blue shoulder length wig is essential for a true Monster look. You need to add big eyes to the forehead part of the wig. This is easy to do with black and white felt. Cut out big circles from the white felt, then smaller black circles from the black. Paste or tape them together, then to the top of the wig. The rest of the outfit is a snap. Is there a baggy blue mechanic’s overall around the house (well, out in the garage)? Great, it’s perfect. Wash it and you’re all set. Or how about a big, comfortable blue onesie or footed pjs? Whichever you choose, baggy and blue are the key features. Carry a package of cookies with you, and you’re officially the Cookie Monster. 6. The Pumpkin What could be more appropriate on Halloween than dressing up as a pumpkin? All you need is orange–orange everywhere. The orange wig is the cornerstone of this look. If you like, you can add a green cone to the top of the wig for the stem, but it’s not required. Buy one of the orange pumpkin-link t-shirts available this time of year. Or simply wear a bright orange shirt. Add orange leggings. Orange shoes are a wonderful touch, but black is entirely suitable.
Come into Wigs Unlimited and let us help you find the perfect wig for your Halloween costume this year!

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