Carte Blanche Wig by Gabor

Carte Blanche Wig by Gabor
Carte Blanche Wig by Gabor Carte Blanche Wig by Gabor Carte Blanche Wig by Gabor

Gabor Wig
Carte Blanche

Hand-tied Top

    Item Name: Carte Blanche by Gabor.

  • Item Type: Wig.
  • Manufacturer: HairUWear, Gabor Collection.
  • Hair Type: Synthetic.
  • Head Size: Average: 21 1/2" circumference.
  • Approx. Hair Length: Front 4", Crown 4 3/4", Sides 3 1/2", Back 4", Nape 2 1/2".
  • Description: A fresh take on the classic fluff-back silhouette, this short, barely waved cut includes a hand-knotted top and sheer lace front for natural looking, off-the-face styling.
  • Special Features: Sheer 1 1/2" deep lace front for a low density, natural looking hairline. Hand-tied top. Velvet-lined ear tabs. Velvet-lined extended nape. Ultra thin adjusters at the nape for added comfort.
  • Gabor Plus Colors: Lighter front and sides with a darker back.
Price: $236.00
Your Price: $200.60

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